Poker Terms

Anaconda: A seven-card card game where bets are placed on five rolled-up cards.

Bring In: Bringing in a bet means to place the first bet in the initial round in a hand (blind bets or antes are not including). Any player doing this is known to bring it in." In a game with seven-card stud, many times the card on the board which is lowest would be forcibly made to bring it in. The bet placed this way is known as the bring-in."

Crimp (Bridge): To bend or hump the upper or lower part of the deck to make a cut which is not allowed by the rules. (See Debone)

Double Belly Buster: A hand where there are two inside straight draws would be a double belly buster.

Exposed Cards: Cards which are purposely dealt facing-up like in stud.

Five and Dime: A hand which contains a five and a ten and has three unpaired cards in between

Giant Twist: A twist which allows the exchange of one or all cards

Honest Readers: The general marks or signs on any deck

Investment Odds: The estimated returns that a player could get by betting

Joker Poker: Poker where the joker is wild during the game

Key Card: An important card which is required for the completion of a hand

Lalapolooze: A freak hand which is allowed to win just once on every night

Ma Ferguson - A Five-card stud game where the low card on board and other cards like it are wild Neocheater - Any player who wins the pot by Neocheating

Original Hand: The cards which are dealt to a player prior to the draw.

Pick Up Checks: Letting a player bet or raise the limit of a hand for every check that is made before his turn.

Private Poker - A Poker game which is played where no money is cut from the players' pots for the profit of the host or the house where the game is played Round the World - Similar to Cincinnati, except that four cards would be dealt to every player and four cards would be dealt to the widow.

Run Up a Hand: To stack any deck of cards during a day, generally by culling discarded cards

Semi-bluff - Quite a lot like a bluff other than the fact that the player who semi-bluffs does have some chance of making a hand that has chances to win the pot

Slicked-Aced Deck: A deck that has chemically treated aces which are slippery and would allow a cheater to find the aces in a deck.

Tennessee: Draw poker game where a bet is made after every round of cards are dealt.

Tens High - A game of Poker where there is a rule that any hand which is higher in value than a pair of tens cannot win the pot

Window: The card which is shown, flashed or exposed when any player's closed hand ends

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