Poker - The Intelligent Way to Excel in the Game

Poker is an intelligent game that is ruled by even more intelligent people. In such an intelligent game, what sets apart top poker players is their ability to give proper replies to a question that has no specific solution. Giving a proper solution to such a question is definitely more complex than answering a question that has a proper fixed solution. To do this, a person should have an ability to collate data of various kinds and arrive at a proper sounding solution and this is of high benefit when it comes to decisions in poker.

So, if poker playing involved such high thinking, why is it that the poker world is not ruled over by highly qualified and intelligent people like a physics PhD. This is probably so because even though they are highly intelligent, they do not have the capacity to think in a variety of directions. So, only those who have this brilliant capacity can shine over the rest and rise up above all.

Mind-set matters

Apart from possessing the intelligence to work in a variety of directions all at once, one must also have the zeal to perform and excel in their given field. So, they must have the passion for playing to really excel in the game of poker and will hold good for any other occupation. For example, a person religiously wanting to become a lawyer will have a better chance of becoming one than just an intelligent person wanting to be a lawyer without having the passion towards the profession.

So, just because the person is intelligent need not necessarily mean that the person will excel in any and every given field. So, only a person having the necessary intelligence as well as the passion to learn and excel will be capable of becoming excellent in their chosen field.

In the event of a crisis, it is the people who are able to think in many different directions and arrive at a solution who will be able to perform better than just an intelligent person who just can work in a calculated manner in one single direction. This is probably the explanation why an intelligent person like a physics PhD cannot become an excellent poker player as they are not able to think of a circumstantial based reasoning and deduction of a logical answer to the problem at hand.


Intelligence can be in various forms which is apt in certain situation. Intelligence comes in being able to carefully analyze a situation and then being able to move towards a particular solution. This need not be just confined to finding solutions in poker but can be applied to everyday situations like showing intelligence in being able to become a good salesman. This too like playing poker is not the cup of tea for an intelligent person like a physics PhD.

Logic is the essence of reasoning and this reasoning can happen from different directions to arrive at some solution even though that might be one of the best possible solutions that existed. So, for example, while playing poker if the player thinks that the logical solution in that situation would be bluff, another deduction that a check-raise bluff would be the best possible logical solution might also hold true. And another factor to consider is that knowing the best possible logical solution is not as vital as being able to using the best possible logical solution in the game.

So, intelligence is not just in being able to think logically in every given circumstance but also be able to act up on it. Poker is one game where it is not enough if you have the smarts to arrive at logical definite solutions but be able to analyze any given situation, think logically in many directions and arrive at the best possible solution in that given situation. That is the kind of intelligence that helps people playing poker excel in poker and become the real experts of the game.

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