The Best Poker Hands for Players

Which are the best poker hands? You can only imagine how many times this question has been asked around from time immemorial. There are so many people who are trying to learn the basics of poker and it is from them that this question usually emanates. You need to understand that if you are not able to win, or if you have no idea whatsoever of how to win, poker is not the place for you. It is because of this that all the poker hands usually have rankings. For learners, it is important for you to make sure that you are aware of all the basics of playing before you can take the plunge into the real game. You should therefore try and make sure that you can teach yourself all you can especially about the best hands to play and so forth. You will be able to avoid some unnecessary embarrassments in the long run.

There are different hands that are played, and all of them have different rankings. Generally speaking, the highest ranking cards that you can get are considered the best hands that you can get when playing. Each and every one of the hands are usually categorized differently and it is these categories that will later on be ranked from the one with the highest value to the one with the lowest.

All the Best Hands

Basically, you will come across a term referred to as the Royal Flush. This is the best poker hand that you can come across. In the event that you are playing a 5 card game of poker, this is the best hand that you can get. The components of this card include the Jack, a 10, the Ace, the King and the Queen. Besides that all of these cards have to be of the same suit if they are to win. Since no suit can be compared better than any other, it usually does not matter which of them you have. This is also with regard to the fact that your chances of getting a hand that combines a complete set of suits are very low.

The Straight Flush is the second best hand that you will get when playing poker. A straight flush is composed of any set of cards that have the same suit. It is worth mentioning too that the set has to be of 5 cards. In the event that you have 2 3 4 5 6 and all of them are flowers, this would be a straight flush. There comes an interesting situation though. If by any chance there is more than one person that has a straight flush, the person whose hand has the highest numbered card will be declared the winner. The same rule also applies to the other hands when you are playing poker.

For of a Kind is also another hand that comes in third. This is rather self explanatory. You will need to have 4 cards, all of the same value. Besides that you should also have a different card of another value. You can therefore have 4 4 4 4 and a different card for you to have Four of a Kind.

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